Sunday, April 25, 2010

kLip 5th Anniversary celebration.

Salam kLippers,

Hope all is well. On the 17th April we celebrated our 5th year anniversary as a band at an undisclosed location. Our good friends - Pemuzik Kena Reject, Kugiran Bulan, Rock Apple Times were there with us to celebrate this meaningful anniversary. Thanks to everyone who came. Thanks to band who performed.

Below are pictures from the gig.

Enjoy! CHEERS :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy birthday band bros.

Let's wish our bassist Hardi a very HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!!
All the best in life, music & everything.

Friday, April 9, 2010

PelangiFM Artist of the Month

Hey kLippers,

We are PelangiFM Artist of the Month for the month of April 2010!

Thanks for all you kLippers support. And, as well as PelangiFM for making us their Artist of the month for April. :)


Friday, April 2, 2010

kLip for 5 years!

It's the month of April and it marks 5 years of the band kLip. We would to thanks Allah Ta'ala for all the lucks, our families, loved ones, bestfriends, close friends, those who have been supporting us and being there for us from day 1. Our band brothers - Pemuzik Kena Reject, Kugiran Bulan... all of the bands who are in the community. Bands who have been always performing shows with us, media & radio stations (PelangiFM, RTB, UBDFM, etc.) thanks for playing our songs! Our one and only crew - Hisham, radio DJs, ex-members and most definitely not forgetting kLippers! thanks for all your support. We appreaciate it so much!

We have posted a quite similiar message on our facebook but unfortunately facebook doesn't allowed long characters.

Our apology if we missed out anyone important. But you know who you are... those who have been involved with us since the beginning 'till now.
You guys rule!


Cheers. :)